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The innovative rap style of ABDUS revolves around raw hip hop with rock elements to it, but easy to the ear for all ages to listen to. The Durban rapper has an exceptional gift for language and his songs are filled with clever puns and wordplay

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Largely self-made musician Abdus is releasing his new single of his forthcoming project, the title of the single is LOL “LOL is about resistance, it's about not conforming to what hip hop is nowadays. It's a stamp that certifies independence as well.” says Abdus.
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Abdus is known as one of the hottest unsigned artists in South African music. His songs regularly makes use of fables, stories and intricate wordplay that bounces back and forth playing a sort of boxing game with the beat. Educated referencing is perhaps the strongest characteristic of his lyrical output. For him no story is allowed to stand-alone instead all of his work and songs somehow reference their past and each other.

“My plans are to display to people that some people still pick up a book and read so they can share valuable info and that some of us are far from throwing in the towel in educating young minds.” Says Abdus when asked about his plans for 2014/2015.