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Afro Latino

Afro Latino is Africa’s perfect embrace of Latin music. The songs are simultaneously global and local — a twist of African fusion with a touch of tropical music.

Latin rhythms and African based percussion, together with magnificent guitar playing and warm voices leads to a cohesive sound.

Afro Latino is a trio with Ildo Nandja on bass/vocals, Milton Chissano on guitar/vocals and Njabulo Tshabalala on percussion. The music consists of originals and covers. The music is a product of what Ildo and Milton have been absorbing during the time living in Maputo, the time spent in South Africa and abroad.

Ildo Nandja was born in Maputo, Mozambique. From a young age he engaged with playing music, starting with percussion instruments. Through his involvement in a local music and dance company Ildo began playing the timbila, a traditional xylophone. His dedication has led him to perform at events and festivals in various countries such as Angola, Namibia, France, Netherlands and Libya. Ildo recently toured Reunion Island with other international artists and hosted workshops on recycling objects to build musical instruments. Always keen to develop himself as a musician, Ildo is studying jazz and popular music at UKZN. He is majoring in electric and acoustic bass.

Milton Chissano is a classically trained guitarist who studied Jazz and Popular music at UKZN in Durban. Milton has done countless collaborations with musicians from South Africa and Mozambique. Milton has performed in France, Swaziland and Namibia as well as most parts of South Africa. He drives the Latin grooves of Afri Latino.

Well known percussionist Njabulo Tshabalala completes Afro Latino by adding African-Latin rhythms with his Djembe drums. Njabulo is an excellent player sharp and driving the rhythm.

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