The Meditators

The Meditators

The Meditators is 6 piece South African reggae band that was founded in 1991. While  staying true to roots reggae, the band have developed a distinctive and original style of conscientious lyrics and catchy melodies that have made The Meditators one of the most popular entertainment bands in South Africa.

The band consists of Simphiwe Mthembu on trombone,  Barret  Hlela on bass guitar, Dan Msomi on rhythm guitar and vocals, Sfiso Mpanza on keyboards, Bunny Mkhize on drums, and Shante Bekwa, the leader and founding member of the band on lead guitar, lead vocals. Shante also composes all the music and lyrics and arranges all instrumental parts.

The band has recorded 4 albums, Tacklin’ beast by the horns(1992) Break down chains(1999), Jah Kingdom(2008) and is about to officially launch Special Reques’, completed in 2011.

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