Celeste Ntuli

Celeste Ntuli

 A full-time stand-up comedian for the past five years, Celeste has come a long way since she was first discovered performing in a marquee in Durban about five years ago. The 32-year-old performer was born in Empangeni. After finishing school she relocated to Durban to study entertainment technology at Durban University of Technology. 

Celeste attributes her success to the fact that she has no holy cows – stereotypes, relationships and social issues – no subject is taboo as far as she is concerned.

Celeste had always been a joker, even at school, so it was no surprise when she decided to pursue comedy as a career instead. “I was always the class joker so when I saw a poster about a comedy show, I telephoned the organizers and asked them to give me a chance to show what I could do,” she said.

Show promoter Monwabisi Grootboom spotted Celeste at the show outside the Workshop Shopping Centre. He took her under his wing, giving her a chance to showcase her unique brand of comedy across the country. Celeste entered the SABC’s ‘So U Think U Are Funny’, a national talent search competition, and was chosen as one of the three finalists in 2008.

Celeste says she gets her inspiration from artists like Monique, who is regarded as America’s funniest woman. “There are very few female stand-up comedians around the world. But Monique is unique and truly funny. I would like to be as successful as she is.”

Celeste wants to make it on television next. “I see myself doing sitcoms in the near future.”  Her fans and admirers have no doubt that Celeste will make the transition successfully


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