The Nu Savoys

The Nu Savoys

The Nu Savoys is a typical example of music that gets passed on to the next generations. The original Savoys started in the early sixties and was lead by Roy Simon for almost 50 years. Now the band is still going, but is lead by is son: Russel Simon. Russel is joined by David Langly, who’s grand father was also one of the original members. Also Shaun Duval joined them, his father was also one of the original members.

Since the start of The Nu Savoys the band has performed in various clubs and corporate functions in and around durban. Since the reforming of the band, the band featured lots of Durban based musicians. The current line-up comporises of Russell Simon (drums), Mark Momple (bass), Noel Venget (piano), David Langley (keyboard), Shaun Duval (saxophone and vocals) and the dynamic Kerry Cherry (vocals). The band plans to release their first album in December 2013.

Currently the band is performing at the dance café every Friday night. Besides that they perform for all types of corporate functions. The band plays a variety of styles from smooth jazz  to dance jazz, from ball room to old school pop and R&B.

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