Manteca is an Authentic 12+ piece Afro-Cuban Salsa ensemble. Specialising in Corporate and Gala Events, this fiery and kaleidoscopic band, complete with its very own Cuban dance instructor is set to take the Durban music scene, spin it around and set it on fire!

Manteca, born in the dark prac blocks of UKZN soley as an Ensemble option in the Jazz Dept in 2010, has gone through many changes. The past few years have seen it disperse at the university and reassemble out of the former ashes with some new players, voices, faces and moves!    

This multi-cultural melting pot of hot began to infiltrate the seedy clubs of Durban’s Salsa scene, before joining forces with the Local Dance schools. Armed with this and a practice venue provided by, Visionary Architect and Urban strategist, Rod Choromanski, Manteca has grown over the last year and is building momentum with a steady stream of public and private gigs. Manteca is set to engulf the Sub tropical Durban Salsa Scene with a new type of heat. A heat that starts at the beat, and sizzles to the feet. What a lovely way to burn!

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