Zasha! Cultural Show

Zasha! Cultural Show

Get your audience enthusiastic with a show of our best dancers and African drummers! The audience hears the traditional West‐African rhythms of the drums...while Zulu dancers dressed in traditional outfits enter the stage to show off their spectacular skills. You hear them making sounds to hype up the crowd and maintain energy levels. The dance routine performed is eye opening.

The Zulu dancers will make place for 6 drummers, the beats give you goose bumps and draws you further into the pulse of Africa.

Lastly the gumboot dancers will come on. This dance will definitely unleash energy to any event. Dressed in colourful outfits and vests our performers will slap their hands and clap their feet together in an energizing performance of intricate rhythm patterns.

For the grand finale all performers will be on stage!

This production bridges between traditional African Dance, with a more modern dance form, all echoed by the African Drum.

10 Zulu dancers 8 Gumboot dancers 6 African Drummers Total show minimum 30 minutes – maximum 45 minutes
Optional to add on: •    Isichathamiya singers – (African Choir, male or female) •    Pantsula dancers

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